Acrylic Nail Service

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Acrylic Nails

To put it most simply, acrylic nails are are a mix of powder and liquid monomer that's combined into a blob of dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried. Acrylics do not require a lamp to cure, and they're great for changing the shape or extending your nails.

Acrylics are ideal for people looking to change the shape of their nails, or want more length.

A nail enhancement is any material that can add length or strength to the natural nail. There are several options for nail enhancements, but for our purposes, we’ll break them down into four categories.

  • Liquid and Powder
  • Hard and Soft Gels,
  • Fiberglass/Resin Wraps
  • Dip Systems

Acrylic Nails Full Set Service –

We prepare and apply tips to the edge of your natural nails. Acrylic powder is applied for strength and durability. Then length, file, buff, shape and polish as per your preference.


Full Regular Set Polish
$30 & up

Acrylics require a lot of upkeep. Most of our clients with acrylics generally come in every two to three weeks to get them filled. However, as long as any lifting of the acrylic is filled in, a set can be worn for six to eight weeks before they need to be removed.

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