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Deciding on the best brow shape for your face is not a one-size-fits-all process. There are five basic eyebrow shapes and your wax specialists will help you find the best natural brow shape and that compliments your face. Your wax specialist will use either straight or curved wax strips to give you your desired eyebrow shape. It’s important to have an expert help determine what shape is best for your face. Your individual face and defined brow shape will determine which brow shape our wax specialist will recommend. Our expert waxing specialists will be able to work with you to make sure that you love the end result. Below are some tips based on common face shapes, but remember, everyone is unique:

  • Square: Because square faces have well-defined, sharp angles naturally, a round or soft angled brow will create gorgeous balance.

  • Round: With a round face, sharp angled brows with a high arch look best and help to create defined lines that flatter.

  • Long or Oval: Long or oval faces benefit from having soft arches or a flat brow, having an arch that is too high can elongate the face.

  • Heart-Shaped: Heart-shaped faces look best with a natural, soft-angled arch that draws just the right attention to the upper half of the face.
  • Listen up, guys! Eyebrow waxing is not just for the ladies -- men’s eyebrow grooming is becoming increasing popular these days. So when looking for a place that specializes in men’s eyebrow waxing, look to the experts at Nails by Chris!

    To tame unruly brows, we recommend visiting one of our waxing specialists when stray hairs extend beyond the browline and when there is a unibrow situation that needs to be manscaped. Just as for the ladies, it’s easy to go overboard when grooming your brows on your own. While you could get a men's eyebrow grooming kit and try to do it yourself, you run the risk of getting an unnatural or uneven result.


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    Our eyebrow experts have been trained on the proper eyebrow shapes for guys and gals, so you can relax knowing you'll get results that you'll be satisfied with. Have a lot of hair or really thick eyebrows? Then waxing is a great option for you. Depending on the type of hair you have, a visit to Nails by Chris can leave your eyebrows looking great for weeks.

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